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Beautiful Images and Beautiful Pictures HD Wallpapers

Beautiful Images

The images are said to be Beautiful Images. If they cause of smile of his watcher. A  Beautiful Image always causes of pleasure. So here we provide you. A top class Beautiful Images. So, you can use these in any way. This is totally free Image of beautiful images of nature and others. you can also use Beautiful background images as your own opinion.

beautiful images
Airplane image

 Beautiful Images of Nature

beautiful images of nature

Beautiful Pictures

The Pictures are said to be Beautiful Pictures. If they cause happiness for his watcher. Most of the peoples search for Beautiful Picture some search  Beautiful Pictures of nature and many more. Here we provide you Beautiful Pictures. All of these can be used as
beautiful pictures for facebook in Dp, profile, and cover picture to download.

beautiful pictures
Nature picture

HD Wallpapers

Everybody wants high-quality HD Wallpapers for desktop and for his Andriod phone/mobile. Also, some want HD Wallpaper for the laptop. Wallpapers HD Quality is present here. You are free to download these HD cool wallpapers as your own choice. So here HD wallpapers 1080p and 4k wallpapers of nature and space are waiting for your downloading and use them in windows and mobile phones.

HD wallpapers
HD wallpapers

Hope all of you like these Beautiful Images and Beautiful Pictures with the HD Wallpaper for download. Because we provide to you our best services. Now our next post in on

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Welcome to University of Sargodha Uos

The University Of Sargodha is also known as the name of Uos which is the abbreviation of Sargodha University. In 1929 a college was established in Shahpur city of Pakistan. In 1946 the college was shifted to the city of Sargodha. In Sargodha, its name became as Government College Sargodha. In 2002 the Government College Sargodha upgraded to a university. This university now has the name of” University Of Sargodha – UOS “

This university has the name in the field of quality of education in Pakistan.

Sargodha University Admissions – Uos

If you want to get admission in Sargodha University. Also, want to get knowledge about the uni of Sargodha then you are at right place. Here we provide you everything. At last, you will able to decide whether you apply in Sargodha university or not. So, let’s start without wasting the time. Sargodha University Admission form is also present here but first, you will decide in which programs or courses of Sargodha university you will apply? So read first about the programs and courses in Uos.


The University of Sargodha prioritizes synergy between academia and industry CITRUS: Providing certified disease-free nursery to farmers DRYLAND AGRICULTURE: Helping small farmers by dryland agricultural practices, in collaboration with Lanzhou University, China PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL UNIT: Tableting, Syrup suspension and Injectables ready for production The University of Sargodha has achieved a national distinction in linking research with industry as well as for serving the local community. For the purpose, a number of projects have been operational for several years. More recently, the University has been licensed to manufacture medicines.

Uos Sargodha

Faculties & Departments in Sargodha University 

Faculty of Agriculture

  • College of Agriculture
  • Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Law

  • Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Department of Communication and Media Studies
  • Department of English
  • Department of Fine Arts
  • Law College
  • Department of Library and Information Science
  • Department of Sports Science
  • Department of Urdu and Oriental Languages

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Economics

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

  • College of Engineering and Technology
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Technical Education

Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences

  • Sargodha Medical College
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • College of Pharmacy

Faculty of Sciences

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Botany
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science and
  • Information Technology
  • Department of Earth Sciences
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Zoology

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Department of Criminology and Sociology
  • Department of Education
  • Department of History and Pakistan Studies
  • Department of Politics and International Relations
  • Department of Psychology
  • Department of Social Work

Sub Campus Bhakkar

Sub Campus Mianwali

Rules and Regulations

  • Breakup of Enrollment
  • Fee Structure
  • Admission & Examination Regulations for Semester System
  • Admission & Examination Regulations for Annual System


University Of Sargodha Programs and Courses Offered in Following Categories

Art & Design : 2 Courses

Engineering: 9 Courses
Business & Management : 4 Courses
Computer Science & IT: 6 Courses
Medical & Pharmacy: 23 Courses
Education & Training: 8 Courses
Religion & Ethics : 6 Courses
Social Sciences: 30 Courses
Short Courses: 1 Courses

Applied & Pure Sciences: 26 Courses

Law: 2 Courses

Accounting & Finance : 10 Courses
Agriculture & Veterinary : 28 Courses

Humanities: 23 Courses

University Of Sargodha Uos
University Of Sargodha

Fee Structure In University Of Sargodha Uos

Fee Structure in the University of Sargodha is different and vary from the program which you chose. Every course has its own specific fee. So the fee structure is not same for every course. But if you do not afford the Fee of the University of Sargodha. Then her is alternative chose. which scholarship. Scholarships and Financial Aid We believe that no one should be denied the right to education due to financial constraints and students who secure distinctions in examinations are duly rewarded. The University of Sargodha offers a large number of scholarships and financial assistance to the deserving and meritorious students in the following categories each year.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships
  • Need-Based Financial Assistance
  • Welfare Scholarships

For Create account in Sargodha University Read More

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My Hobby Essay. There is no compilation about a hobby. A hobby is a work which is done in spare time. It arises purely from personal taste. Here we provide you a best my hobby essay and also are short and long my hobby paragraph. Reading Hobby is the best hobby. So let’s start without wasting your time our topic is My Hobby.

My Hobby Essay – My Hobby Paragraph

Every boy or girl should have a specific hobby. As it arises from personal taste, so there are different hobbies. Some find pleasure in stamp collecting while the other likes gardening. I also have a hobby. Reading is my hobby. I read different books to get knowledge books are a great source of knowledge and pleasure.

Reading Hobby

I like reading poetry and history. I also read different types novels and play. It helped me in the elaboration and description of words and sentences. It also improves my writing style. I read history to get knowledge about The Emperor’s of the world and our ancestors. I read these books in my spare time after my work. It also helped me in a preparation of my life solutions.

I also read the newspaper. Reading newspaper is also my hobby. Newspaper help me to get awareness about current affairs and hot issues.I also read columns written by various writers given in the newspaper.It helps me to get knowledge about the modern writing style.

I also like to read the Holy Books. Reading Holy books is also my hobby It is a great moment and miracle of eloquence and guidance. It is written in Arabic but I also read it Urdu translation. It helps me to improve my lifestyle in a better way and according to the teaching of Islam.

A hobby helps a person in his character building. A person is identified most by his character. So, books are a great source of character building. I spent my time in reading. So, I  save myself from various bad activities books are a source of Recreation. Books take a person to present past and future. Books are of two types Good books and Bad books. Some books are more poisonous than the sting of a Scorpion. While some books or more dangerous than a snake bite. A person should be very careful in the selection of books. As some poets said that reading is the best policy to write goods. So, reading the help in increase of knowledge.

Knowledge are in two form one is solid and other is soft. soft is digital. Solid knowledge is only on paper of books. Books have very old knowledge of our big writers. They write and unlock every pinpoint in his books. So it is our responsibility to read’s these books. reading book is our best hobby.

My Hobby

In short, hobbies are the good thing to do. Every person must have a hobby. So, he can avert many problems and make himself great. Every person has his own test and choice. Choices define who we are so, a person must adopt a specific hobby According to his taste.
When we read we get knowledge and knowledge is a power so you can also read our best article on Knowledge Is Power

Chinese Role in Economy Development

According to the inhabitants of China. Man is more important than anything. So, Information About China is Chinese peoples are here: Chinese peoples have adopted three ways. Firstly, they have eliminated selfishness. Therefore, people work for collective benefit in China. Secondly, they have changed the way of living of people. The Chinese lead a simple life. Thirdly, people get many benefits of social security in China. The terms of employment are very easy.

Information About China Chinese People’s Life

The Chinese peoples of China are very industrious. Chinese pay attention to their work and lead a balanced life. They keep abreast of national and international affairs. The Chinese women work side by side with Men. They enjoy all the basic rights. The Chinese are very patriots. They do not work against the national interest. They have achieved a wonderful success in a few years. This is the main role of Chinese in China economy development.
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