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Pakistan Flag also has these common names Pakistan janda, Pakistani parcham, and Pakistani Flag. Pakistan Flag has green and white color.The green color represents the Muslims population. White color represents the minority of Non-Muslims population. On the large green field, white crescent moon and Five-corner star are placed. These are the traditional symbols of the Islamic religion. Pakistan Flag PNG File down here.

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan is an Islamic country. The Muslim of sub-continent demanded a separate country for them. So, that they could lead an independent life according to their religion. They chose their political leader for the freedom movement. This struggled under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. At last, the British British government had to accept this demand and Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947. The Pakistan Flag was adopted on August 11, 1947. Four days before the Pakistan independence.
The Pakistani flag has great importance for the Pakistani people. All the people of Pakistan live United under this flag as one body.

Pakistan Flag Means

The second name of Pakistan flag In Urdu is Pakistani Jhanda and Pakistani Parcham. This is the identity of Pakistani peoples. They love this from the core of heart. They Sacrifice everything on the Pakistani flag.Nobody can reduce the power of their love to there national flag.This green and white color difference do not have any bad means. This only shows the difference between the religion. Every person in Pakistan lives freely according to his religions believe.Pakistan flag is not a divider. It work’s as a bridge between the brave Nation of Pakistan.

National Flag of Pakistan

We know every nation in the world have its own flag. So, the Pakistani Nation also has its own Pak flag. This flag is known as the National flag of Pakistan. Then it is selected a Pakistani Parcham.
Patriotism is the first component of the national character. The second important component is to apply honesty and Justice in every field of life.True Pakistani Patriot always loves his National Flag of Pakistan. Every citizen of an independent country should think before doing every action whether this is beneficial for the nation or not. National things have great importance to their peoples so this has a great and large importance for all nation. A true patriot love is all the Legacy things which day leave for him full. So, we should have to love our Pakistan flag. To proves this that we are the true patriot and through Nationalist. If a problem comes to a single Pakistani people then we should have to help him and this is our duty as a true lover Pakistan flag.

Pakistan Flag HD Wallpapers PNG Images

Selection day: 11 August 1947
Proportion of division: 25: 75
Designed by: Syed Amir-Uddin Kedwaii
Pakistan Flag HD Wallpapers PNG Images
Pakistan Flag HD Wallpapers png
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